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The dormio device

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When one is about to slumb into sleep you pass through a stage called "phygnagogia" and what happen then you are  going through that stage?
   When you are going through that stage you start having ideas which you would not remember once you stay awake!

"You may tell a friend that "hey while i was on my bed using my phone i slept without discovering that until  in the morning" yes that is the stage we are talking about you would not be able to remember that wow this is what i just discover;genius have tried getting what their idea was by holding a heavy metal so that when ever they are going through that stage it falls to the ground which would make them to be awake and quickly they write down what what ever  idea comes into their brain."

  But now do you know a device have being created to do all this without using a metal!;this device is called the "dormio device" this dormio device do just that.
How do's it work?
  This dormio device monitors you breath,body vibration and others to work with it.
Immediately you are going through this stage the device dormio) send a alert to a mobile app or a  " jibo robot" which wake you without fully waking you and then would start asking you question while you answer and it records everything which help the owner listen to it when ever he/she is awake.
But the question now is:would this be of help to the human? what is your say on this?

more details here

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You are here » Web Coders Forum » News and Gists » The dormio device